Athletic Forms

Athletic Forms

Code of Conduct Required Every Year
Physical Form A Required Every year
Hazing Form Required for every sport every year (3 sports = 3 forms)
9th Grade Participation Form Required for 9th grade participation
Student Passenger in Private or Rental Vehicle For activities requiring driving in a personal or rental vehicle
Medical Release Form and Code of Conduct Agreement Required by students attending extended travel activities


SHS Athletic Code of Conduct

USHAA Information

Register My Athlete

Concussion Policy

UHSAA Other Resources for Staff and Students

· The NFHS has developed a free 20 minute online course, “NCAA Eligibility Center Coaching Education

· The NFHS has also developed four academic prep courses for students. The World Book Learning Pro Courses include: Homework Helper, Reading& Learning Strategies, Research Skills and Testing tips. All four courses can be purchased for a total of $75.